5 Board Sailing Destinations in the Philippines

on Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Philippines being a tropical country makes its winds and ocean breeze perfect for sailing. The country's many beaches are always swarming with surfers and board sailors daily to fully enjoy the sport they like.

                There are many board sailing destinations in the Philippines and here are the best five of them:

                1. Caliraya - located in Laguna and the closest board sailing destination fro Manila. Caliraya is considered to be one of the finest sailing spot in the Philippines. It is a man-made lake built in the 1930's by American engineers to supply a hydroelectric power plant in Laguna. The wind blows here are steadily between 12 to 30 knots just ideal for the right speed while sailing, making one's sailing easier and more comfortable.

2. Boracay - very famous not only for its vast beauty but also for its attractive tropical island offers all sailors a smooth and steady sailing at all times. The Boracay beach is provided with the northeast monsoon winds are perfect for beginners. Meanwhile at the Tabon Strait in Boracay, the winds are superb and pretty strong, which are recommended for skilled sailors only.

                3. Anilao - a popular coastline destination for sailing. Located in southern Luzon, near Batangas. The area's flat water waves are the ones making it famous among the sailors. It has been their favorite sailing destination in the Philippines.

                4. Subic Bay - located in central Luzon Philippines and has always been visited by board sailors for many years. Subic is known by tourists especially the Americans, for this is where the American soldiers are based. Lots of Americans now live here and had settled down with Filipinas. Everyday, one can find many sailing teams in the bay sailing wonderfully along the steady waters.

                5. Pagudpud - located in the northern part of Luzon, in Laoag. It can be reached in roughly ten hours via car ride. Pagudpud is surrounded with the attractive gold sand beaches that are really breathtaking. The place has been famous for high-performance sail boarding activities and also surfing. Tourists that come to visit here are always delighted with the beauty and perfect winds of Pagudpud.

Here are just five of the many sail boarding destination sites in the Philippines and is recommended for board sailing aficionados looking for a truly exciting and fun sails. One can always enjoy exploring the other sail boarding destinations that are found all over the beautiful country of the Philippines. 

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