Balut: What does make it special?

on Thursday, May 3, 2012

In my entire life, to be true, I haven’t and I won’t eat the chick inside a Balut. So I always question myself what Balut makes special? I’m always curious why most Filipino men, women, even the kids and some foreigners enjoy eating it. The Balut is a hard boiled duck egg with a twist. It has a twist because of the little duck chick inside it. They say that it’s tasty and delicious, and tastes like chicken. But every time I see the little bird, I always have the thought of “Oh My! I’ll never eat this little feathery duck with kind of black in colour, as in never!”

A Balut is composed of different parts inside it. These are the duck chick, the stone or the white slightly hard part then the yellowish soft part which is call “pula”.  The Balut also has a tasty like-soup fluid content that is called “sabaw” in Filipino.

If you want to taste a quality Balut, you can buy at the Balut Capital of the Philippines, which is Pateros in Manila. The Municipality of Pateros also has a large number of duck productions so it is very easy for them to have numerous amount of Balot a day.

It is still a mystery for me why most local people love it. What’s special in a Balut? If you want to know the answer, dare yourself to eat this duck egg and experience the fun in the Philippines!

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