Things to Do During the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio

on Saturday, May 19, 2012

The "Panagbenga" or Flower festival or the Flower Festival inBaguio City is one of the Philippines much-awaited celebrations. This is among the national festivals that are a crowd drawer. Every year the "Panagbenga" does not disappoint, organizers have made it to a point that the annual festival will be better than the previous one. Incorporating new and creative twists to the traditional events during the "Panagbenga" is what makes it better than last year. The organizers and the community in general never seem to fail. For the "Panagbenga" 2012 the organizers have maximized the talents of the entire community in organizing and celebrating the Flower Festival 2012. With this much excitement and the promise of new and innovative activities tourists, visitors and residents of Baguio City alike are sure in for a treat this 2012.

For tourists or visitors who will be celebrating the Flower festival for the first time here are some things that you can do during the festival.

  • Walk around the Landscapes - every year the organizers of the Baguio Flower Festival holds a landscaping contest, different landscapers from Baguio City and other parts of the Philippines are always participating in this annual contest during the flower festival and such landscapes will be developed  in a particular part of Burnham Park for the public to see. You can walk around the landscape area and take photos, see the different carpet of flowers and a variety of artificial fountains.

  • Eat - Baguio city is fusion of culture from the different parts of the Philippines and it is during the "Panagbenga" Festival, particularly during the Session Road in Bloom where many restaurant and eateries in Baguio City showcases their various recipes. You can walk up and down Session road and try the different food that they offer. From the simple sweet corn to the delicious roasted cow and the sumptuous traditional chicken broth.

  • Attend the Grand Parades - considered as the crowd drawers of the "Panagbenga" Festival the Grand Street Parade and the Grand Float Parade are being witnessed by a lot of spectators. This is because of the Grand Float and Street Parades showcases the best of Baguio City and the rest of the Philippines, the Grand Street Parade is focusing on the different dances choreographed to the tune of the all familiar "Panagbenga" Hymn, colourful costumes worn by the dancers to emulate the colors of the flowers. The Grand Float Parade on the other hand is similar to the float parades during the Tournament of Roses in California USA. Floats are designed with different flowers resembling either a fantasy garden or any concept that every participants creative mind can think of. For 2011 a float that involves animatronics, so expect it better for "Panagbenga" 2012.

  • Witness the Grand Fireworks Display - To culminate the month-long celebration of the Flower Festival a grand fireworks display is surely held. The fireworks display is usually done in three different locations in the City of Baguio, the fireworks though in different locations could be seen in one vantage point, so pick a good spot and witness a symphony of fireworks display.

The Panagbenga Festival is always being held during the month of February. Panagbenga 2012 is scheduled for the coming year in Baguio City. 

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