Pinoy Street Foods

on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Since I enjoy eating a lot, and as if I can eat everything even with a touch of exoticness and "bizzarness", Philippine Street Foods indeed drive me crazy. Not all Filipinos eat this kind of "snacks", but who are those who dare themselves to eat these nasty chicken feet, chicken and pig intestines and curdled blood of chicken? For me, people that can eat those kind of street foods are cool, of course I'm one of them. 

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IUD or Isaw (Chicken Intestines)
Isaw is my favourite among the rest especially when the sauce is well prepared and tasty. Isaw is made of chicken intestines, and sometimes pig. It is prepared by: first, choosing the best part of the intestine,  second, clean it with tap water thrice, then after that boil it in  hot clean water with rock salt. After boiling string it together in a barbecue stick, and lastly, the Isaw is now ready to be grilled and prepare it with your special sauce!

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Adidas (Chicken Feet)
I'm sure that you are now curious why this street food is called Adidas, as we all know that Adidas is a brand of shoes. The reason why it is called Adidas because as if its describing the Adidas Logo. If you remember, Adidas has 3 lines right?, then those 3 long fingers of the the chicken signifies that lines in the brand. This is prepared just as like as what preparation we should do to Isaw or the chicken intestines I mentioned earlier on this post. After being grilled, your Adidas is now ready to take off to your stomach! Prepare with soy sauce, bit of vinegar, garlic and hot red chillis for the sauce.  Enjoy the soft meat and the smokey flavour of Philippine's very own Adidas!

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Betamax (Curdled Chicken/Pork Blood)
People find it as disgusting but it really tastes good. Betamax is a street food made of curdled chicken or pork blood. Others called it as Black Pudding. It is cut into cubes to make sure that the inner part is cooked too when it is grilled and also it can be cooked very easily. Betamax is curdled through boiling the blood in an hour or less. It is prepared like what preparations we should do like the two above.  

Pinoy street foods' are still evolving. Every time in the year, there's another food that is invented by the playful mind of the Filipinos for sure. 

Some other Pinoy Street Foods:
  • Chicken Hearts ( stringed together)
  • Wetpaks (Chicken Ass)
  • Atay (Chicken Liver)
  • Balat (Pork Skin)
  • Helmet (Chicken Heads)
  • Balot
  • Itlog ng Pugo (Hard boiled Quail Eggs)
  • Banana Que
  • Fishball
  • Squidball
  •  Kikiam
  • Eggball
  • Calamares
  • Day- old Chicks
  • Chicken Skin
  • Turon

Philippine street foods' are now a part of the history of the country, these can give every streets and places in the Philippines some life full of happiness to every Filipino faces. And I'm hoping that these may take longer up to the very next generation.  If you want to taste this kind of foods, go to the Philippines, and I'm sure that when you taste it, it will also drive you crazy and you'll crave for more!

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