A Getaway to Exotic Manila

on Thursday, May 10, 2012

manila city hall
Manila, the capital of Philippines, is a historic city where every travel enthusiast will love to visit. Manila is located on the shores of Manila Bay and is an international hotspot for great holiday. A trip to Manila will rejuvenate you. It is one of the best destinations for a great holiday. You can also enjoy a romantic getaway with your loved one in this exhilarating city. Just get your air tickets booked and board any of the cheap flights to Manila for a thrilling holiday.

You can also contact any good travel company for getting information about the availability of the direct flights to Manila. If you are internet savvy, you would surely find cheap flights to Manila yourself. You can check on the websites of different airlines or any travel company to get the details of the flights, its arrival and departure, air ticket cost etc.

If you don't want any trouble, a holiday package for Manila will save you from hassle of searching and booking of air tickets, hotel stay and sightseeing. Always try getting air tickets well in advance otherwise it will cost you more at the last moment.

Manila is like a dream destination for many who visit it. Though the city is known for its history, but you will get amazed to see the other face of the city. Manila which was once occupied by Spain then by British and lastly United States is now the commercial hub of the country. Besides, the city boasts of fascinating forts, sports facilities, museums and parks attracting millions of tourists every year.

The airport of the city 'Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport' is located 12 km from the city centre and is served by all major international as well as domestic airlines. You can easily find taxis available outside the airport and reach your hotel. Hotel-run cars can also pick you if an advance booking has been done.

Manila is busiest and second-most populated city in Philippines and tourists still admire this city. The major attractions that the city offers are Intramuros, Ocean Park, Taal Volcano, Malacanang Palace etc. With the intriguing history to narrate, a visit to different historical sites will thrill you. Interestingly, people are surprised the way Manila has transformed itself into an international holiday destination in short span of time after it faced heavy destruction during the World War II.

Other than sightseeing, the city will also enthrall you by the shopping opportunities that it offers. All those who thought Bangkok and Hong Kong to be the only shopping destinations in Asia will be surprised to see the malls and department stores of Manila. In addition, the city also has a number of local markets where you can get traditional and antique pieces, souvenirs etc.

If you feel Manila is only good for family fun-fare, then you must see the nightlife of the city. Manila which is already so colorful and vibrant gets more glossy and glamorous as the sun sets. And the locals of the city can be seen having great fun at various pubs and bars. You can visit any bar or nightclub and enjoy the dynamic nightlife of the city having some of the finest wines from around the world.

Before coming to this exotic city, make sure you have enough information about the flights to Manila so that you can choose the best from it which suits to your budget. In fact as mentioned above, a good travel company will give all details about cheap flights from anywhere to Manila. So, get the tickets booked and fly to this amazing city for great fun and excitement.                                     

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