Have Trouble Finding Work in the Philippines Use This List of Top Jobs in the Philippines!

on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting a head start with regards to career in the Philippines is quite tough. Because of this, there are still many people who are unemployed in the country. If you are not picky and are just in search of experience or a stable source of income, this list might be able to help you. In fact, these jobs are actually those which have helped the employment rate of the Philippines rise up amidst of the economical crisis in the world.

Call Center Agent - Little by little, the Philippines is nearing India in the race against becoming the no. 1 BPO country in the world. If you look at Metro Manila, you will see numerous call centers and many of them are hiring. The great thing about being a call center agent is that you do not have to have a degree. You just need to be proficient in the English language and some marketing skills. The only downside here is that it may not really coincide with what you have taken in college.

IT Specialists - If you are computer savvy and have taken a major in information technology, you will be happy to know that there are companies who are looking for IT specialists. With the fact that people nowadays are utilizing the web to do business, openings for skilled computer literate applicants are on the rise. If you are lucky, you might actually be able to land a job abroad where IT people are greatly in demand.

OFWs - Because the quality of education in the Philippines is becoming more and more adequate, the skills of many Filipinos are honed. Because of this, many are able to land jobs abroad, where they are looking for applicants. Work in different industries is available abroad and can pay good money, plus give good benefits. Although it can provide a good life for yourself and for your family, the downside here is that you will have to work away from your loved ones.

English Instructors - Teachers in general are in demand in the Philippines. However, one of the most sought after are the English Instructors, both in the classroom and online. The Philippines pride itself as a country with a high literacy and English proficiency rate. Because of this, many foreigners come to the country to study the language. At the same time, English teachers are needed to help Filipino children learn it, since English is a widely used medium in the Philippines, aside from its primary language.                           
If you want to learn more about the most in demand jobs in the Philippines plus job interview tips you can use, you should try doing more research through the web.

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