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on Saturday, May 19, 2012

Philippines is surrounded by sea that is why it is gifted with beautiful beach and vast marine species live there, it is one of the reason why many tourist who love scuba diving travel in the Philippines. There are many must visit diving spot in the Philippines and some of them is hard to reach areas wherein you must travel for three to four hours before you arrive at your destination. Good thing there is a must visit diving spot in Boracay and it is the Crocodile Island.

Okay before we talk about Crocodile Island let me tell you small information about Boracay. Boracay is known for its white sand beach, a pristine and peaceful place, play beach volleyball with friends or relatives, the bar and beach party is always available at night and there is a wide variety of drinks to choose from, well remember to drink moderately and enjoy meeting other people, you can go and have a banana ride and kayaking and a lot more fun and excitement awaits you there. It is considered to be the best beach that you must visit when you travel in the Philippines. Boracay has complete facilities, if you want cozy hotels and restaurants they can offer some to you, if you are in a tight budget do not worry because there are hotels and restaurants that can fit to your budget.

If you want a peaceful and memorable vacation, I recommend that you visit Boracay. If you want scuba diving I will recommend Boracay again because our must visit diving spot is located there; the Crocodile Island.

Crocodile Island is located in southern tip of Bora which is fifteen minutes away from the white sand beach. First thing to remember is do not dive without a professional to guide you, especially if you are still learning how to scuba dive. Your travel in the Philippines will be memorable because Crocodile Island is rich in marine life. You will see a lot of aquatic animals once you dive, you can meet and greet schools of fish, nudibranch, gorgonian fan corals, moray eels, scorpion fish, cuttle fish, sea snakes, lion fish to name a few. This will be a great experience especially if you love underwater photography because you will get a lot of pictures of marine animals. You will also enjoy a dive with the whale sharks in Donsol. You can arrange a travel in your trusted travel agency in the Philippines and experience all the must visit diving spot in the Philippines. 

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Greg Funtemayor said...

This is my wish place that I want to travel and visit someday. My friend said to me that boracay is one of the great travel destinations. Hopefully my wishes come true. Thanks for sharing with this marvelous post.

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