Philippines - The Perfect Low-Cost Outsourcing Destination

on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

With its large-scale accessibility and availability of talent and skills, the Philippines is regarded as one of the top outsourcing destinations, not only in Asia but also around the world. No wonder, the Philippines' outsourcing industry is taking flight in recent years due to its abundance of low-cost yet highly skilled workforce. Today, the country is in stiff competition with other top outsourcing destinations.

Although many businesses see India as the evident choice and foremost outsourcing destination, the nation's rapidly increasing wages and salaries may cause most companies to pull out and seek to outsource to the Philippines instead. Accordingly, the Philippines steadily rises to the top of the list of the largest outsourcing destinations in the world. In addition, it has also become a viable option for medium-sized companies.

Aside from its low-cost workforce, a lot of businesses pick the Philippines as their favorite outsourcing destination for software and web development. The country's human resources include a pool of trainable and highly-skilled managers and IT professionals. Moreover, the Philippines also boast of its well-educated and good English-speaking web writers, and highly-skilled programmers and SEO specialists.

In fact, U.S.-based Meta Group conducted a survey, which ranked the Philippines as the global leader in terms of availability of knowledge-based jobs.

Language and culture will not be a problem for companies based in the U.S. and Europe if they opt to outsource their jobs in the Philippines since most Filipino professionals have good English communication skills. In addition, these Filipino professionals are very much familiar with Western lifestyle, and are conversant with the trends, behavior and style of their American and European counterparts.

In view of its economical yet high-quality workforce, the Philippines have become a fast-emerging giant in the global outsourcing industry. 

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