ilavPH Trivia #1 : Abucay,Bataan

on Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Did you know that the name Abucay was taken  from the words "Abong Kinaykay" (scoured ashes)? When the Spaniards enter the Province of Bataan and stay for a while in the place that is now called Abucay, they used to speak with the locals and asked for the name of the place. But unfortunately, the people of Abucay can't understand the Spanish language, they thought that the Spaniards are asking for what they are doing at that time, so they said "Abong Kinaykay, Abong Kinaykay". And the Spaniards understand it as "Abucay". And that was the first time Abucay has its own name. 

* The picture above was the Abucay Church that was built in the 1600's.

2 (mga) puna:

Mareeyah said...

Been to this place... home of the lovely Raven Resort. :-)

Noypi Tamang Gala said...

Yeah. I think you should come again to see the improvements they did.

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