Tilapia Ice Cream : First in the Philippines

on Friday, May 4, 2012

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Tilapia Ice Cream
Have you ever heard about a fish that is made to be the main ingredient of an ice cream but without any fishy after-taste? Confusing right? A professor at the College of Science and Industry of the Central Luzon State University, Dana Vera Cruz, experimented and produced a lovely desert with a fishy flavour but without any nasty smell and taste. The Tilapia is a kind of fish in the Philippines that's very common to every dinner table in the Filipino community.

It's indeed a hit when it was presented during the Tilapia Food Festival which was held at the said school at the Science City of Muñoz because of its very unusual flavour. The Tilapia Ice cream was prepared with walnuts (a good alternative for peanuts), cream and cheese for more flavour. So why not taste this very uncommon ice cream which is first in the Philippines? I'm sure that if you have been taste it, you'll said Wow!

2 (mga) puna:

Mareeyah said...

What? Fish-flavored ice cream? This has got to be one of the most curious dessert ever. I think I have mixed feelings about it. Hehehehe.

Noypi Tamang Gala said...

Yes Mareeyah... me too, when I first heard about it... but people who have tasted this dessert tell that, that was so delicious, and you'll don't even taste the fish.

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